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We're a non-profit dedicated to making medications affordable for everyone in America

Imagine you need a drug that costs $50,000. With a $5,000 deductible and $50 copay, that's too much. So you skip treatment.

Now imagine Congress cuts the price of all drugs in half. This means less research for new cures, but at least it helps you - right?

Not so fast. Your drug costs $25,000 now, but your deductible is still $5,000. That's because insurance reform is the key to making drugs affordable.

Here’s the thing. No one should go broke, skip their medications, or even die because they can’t pay their out-of-pocket costs

So how
do we fix this?

Our goal is to ensure that all Americans can afford the treatments they need and guarantee that our country continues to get good value from investment in new medicines


Eliminate out-of-pocket costs


Expand insurance to everyone


Ensure—through government regulation—that all drugs go generic

Unlike drugs, nothing about healthcare services gets less expensive over time

The costs of surgeries and doctor visits are always rising, much like rent

Cost of healthcare over time

But what America spends on new drugs is like a mortgage—an investment, not an expense

Once we have paid off a drug’s mortgage, it goes generic, society owns it, and its cost is forever low. We believe drugs that don’t go generic on time should be required to do so.

Cost of healthcare over time

Why this matters

As old drugs go generic, America can invest in mortgages for new ones, improving our health and saving money on hospitalizations. And with proper insurance with low or no out-of-pocket costs, all patients will be able to afford the treatments they need.

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Join us in making drugs affordable for every American

  • Insurance for all
  • No more out-of-pocket costs
  • All drugs should go generic