I have received a bill for in-person care that I cannot pay

You can

  • Review the bill for accuracy and contact the billing company if you have any questions.
  • Call the billing manager to negotiate for an interest-free payment plan, a lower price for your procedure, or a discount for paying the balance in full. Don’t wait until your bill is delinquent. Search New Choice Health or Healthcare Bluebook for the fair price of treatments in your area. 
  • Call or write a letter to the billing company to explain why you can't pay the bill, then ask if there's anything that they can do to help.
  • Ask if your provider or hospital has a financial assistance or hardship program. 
  • Search the Patient Advocate Foundation’s National Financial Resource Directory for help paying medical bills. 
  • Ask a social worker at your local hospital for help.
  • Contact a medical billing advocate to look for billing errors or fraud and to negotiate with providers on your behalf. Try the Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals or the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.
  • Ask your provider, billing advocate, or hospital case manager about community organizations or governmental agencies that offer financial assistance.

Learn more about these resources

  • New Choice Health

    New Choice Health aims to help patients make more informed healthcare decisions. Its marketplace service allows patients to compare prices at medical facilities and contact facilities directly to request a quote. Its Patient Assist Program pairs patients with a case manager to review insurance eligibility, pricing, and financial needs.

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  • Healthcare Bluebook

    Through Healthcare Bluebook's search tool, members can learn the fair market price for medical procedures in their area in order to negotiate better pricing. The company's concierge service helps members find the best in-network care for a fair price, schedule an appointment, and transfer medical records.

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  • Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals

    Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals helps patients with their medical claims. Services include reviewing bills for accuracy, helping manage the necessary paperwork to dispute a bill, and negotiating costs with providers.

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  • Alliance of Professional Health Advocates

    Alliance of Professional Health Advocates maintains a directory of independent health/patient advocates and care managers. Advocates provide assistance with medical billing claims and denials, reviewing medications, securing disability benefits, arranging treatment-related travel, and finding pain management, home health and holistic care in the U.S. and Canada.

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