I need in-person care (clinic or hospital visit) but cannot afford to seek it

You can

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  • New Choice Health

    New Choice Health aims to help patients make more informed healthcare decisions. Its marketplace service allows patients to compare prices at medical facilities and contact facilities directly to request a quote. Its Patient Assist Program pairs patients with a case manager to review insurance eligibility, pricing, and financial needs.

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  • Healthcare Bluebook

    Through Healthcare Bluebook's search tool, members can learn the fair market price for medical procedures in their area in order to negotiate better pricing. The company's concierge service helps members find the best in-network care for a fair price, schedule an appointment, and transfer medical records.

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  • Planned Parenthood

    Planned Parenthood delivers affordable reproductive healthcare, sex education, and other healthcare services, including birth control, HIV services, men’s healthcare, LGBTQ services, pregnancy testing, women’s health services, and general healthcare.

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